Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday--family day

It's been a while never meet up with my aunt and the family
When I reached there, my uncle asked me : where have u been?
I was like : hmmm....bla bla bla.
haha...Feel bad..
They had BBQ-- Malaysian food, Satay!!!
Yeah, my uncle made the Satay and the gravy!
Everything taste so good..
He's really good in cooking!!
Cycling and Wii with my cousins.
Too bad, their house is 45mins-1 hr away from my house (without the god damn traffic)
Seriously, LA traffic is nightmare..gosh
With the traffic maybe gonna take me 2 hours. crazy!
Anyway, Really had a great time!!!

Is gonna be yes or no!

Had so much fun recently...
Really enjoy my days.
School gonna start soon, Aug29th...Damn,it's too fast.
Good news--I found a job
Bad news--This job gonna steal my fun time and weekend..still considering which is worth it.
Had a bad news again---my money in my bank account is decreasing..spending too much.
I hate it...I'm trying to stop time to save money!!!

I kinda want an interesting internship to express myself, anything...
I wanna learn something new and crazy I guess...
Study is too consistent.
I wanna go travel and feel like going to Europe by myself.
Taking photos and note down something interesting and different, that would be great.
I want so many things at the same time.
Gonna try...One step at a time!

All over the place

Baby Blue at Santa Monica.
After we had tried the pork ribs at Memphis, this like still okay for us.
Cuz the famous char grill in Memphis was like superb!

Wellsbourne Lounge near my area

Brought her around!!

When she took this photo,
Momoco said she likes my hair, a bit messy and volume.
I took it as a compliment okay! haha

Funnel Cake for her.
I just taste it....I love it...
Cuz I'm really on diet, have to cut down everything...Grrr...

Alright, she's back to Missouri on Wednesday
Anyway, happy to see her...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Need to be patient

Momoco came to LA.
I brought her around.
Gonna update more photos
Was so so so busy recently...
I'm being lazy to

Nice chilling hot tub n pool.